Homemade Falooda Recipe


It’s created utilizing scratch. This specially designed falooda syrup equation is straightforward, and you know exactly what goes into it, not in the slightest degree like privately procured syrups.

The flavor is TRULY genuine! Because of a direct, riddle fixing, the sort of this falooda is 100% legitimate.

It’s an addictively delightful milkshake upgrade that is furthermore exceptionally unique and phenomenal (especially on the off chance that you’re not from the south Asian territory where this drink is unmistakable).

The two kids and adults will value this milkshake!


Falooda is an amazingly conspicuous drink in South Asia. It began in India, yet it’s also too referred to in Sri Lanka too. As youngsters, we used to normal spots called “Bombay Sweet shops” in Sri Lanka, that served standard treats from India. Visiting these stores were seen as a treat, since you can truly SMELL the sugar and herbal scents before you even entered the store. Obviously gatekeepers couldn’t care less for piling up their kids with sugar… who knew? Falooda was my go-to drink, and Laddu was my go-to dessert!

It’s a beautiful pink milkshake, that isn’t only unique in upgrade, anyway has all these incorporate ins that give a chewy textural intricacy to the smooth milkshake.


It wasn’t by choice that I started making falooda without any planning. Since I moved away from Sri Lanka, it was subtle certifiable falooda syrup in stores. For an impressive period of time, I held up until I could buy the syrup from the area Sri Lankan store, yet they didn’t for the most part have it. The Sri Lankan falooda syrup was advanced as MD Artificial Sherbet Syrup.

Likewise, when I moved away from the city, it was altogether harder to find any Sri Lankan store, also the falooda syrup. I sought after for quite a while to make this refreshment at home, endeavoring all brands of rose water, rose concentrate, and sharbat syrup to duplicate my childhood most cherished at home. It was practically identical, anyway not the comparable.

Making this hand crafted falooda recipe without any planning,

is uncommon for anyone like me, that is living abroad and has no passageway to this refreshment, or the syrup to make it with.

for any person who has to know precisely what goes into their milkshake, in light of the fact that the privately procured syrup usually has a lot of added substances and manufactured mixes.

for any person who has never had falooda, anyway needs to endeavor an especially delicious milkshake!

Most falooda plans online reveal to you the most ideal approach to make the refreshment with falooda syrup OR with sharbat syrup. Falooda made with sharbat syrup misses a focal point of the sort of the real milkshake, and fundamentally has a flavor like rose water +milk. In addition, privately procured falooda syrup has fixings that ought not be being in a kid’s refreshment.

So today, I’m exhibiting how to make extraordinary specially designed falooda FROM SCRATCH, starting with the falooda syrup.



It is by serendipitous circumstance that I had the choice to recreate this real flavor! I finally understands the puzzle fixing following a long time of endeavoring different plans. It was vanilla! Essentially incredible ol’ plain vanilla concentrate!

This Raspberry, Pistachio and Rose Swiss Meringue Buttercream was at risk for this blessed disclosure. I mentioned that Mr K preliminary the icing, which he did, and a while later ended, associated for to some degree more, tasted it again and a short time later looked and said “this inclinations just like falooda!” I revealed to him it was rose water, not falooda syrup, yet then when I tasted it, it hit me also! There was something that I added to my icing (which I made using rose water) that made it represent a flavor like the falooda from our pre-adulthood.

In the wake of narrowing down the fixings in the buttercream, I comprehended that it was vanilla! The SECRET (and for a significant long time, illusive) fixing was the concentrate that I use carefully, in a lot of my warming, and had never thought was a focal point of the falooda season!

If you use sharbat syrup to make your standard falooda drink, by then I entreat you, incorporate a run of vanilla and marvel about the sum it changes your refreshment!


Since this is a milkshake, there are a couple of fixings that you can’t oversee without. Regardless, there are in like manner a couple of optional incorporate ins also.

Fundamental components for specially designed falooda

Milk (non-dairy milk is fine too)

Vanilla dessert (non-dairy solidified yogurt fills in too)

Falooda syrup

Optional incorporate ins

Tukmaria seeds, drenched

Stewed vermicelli, cooked

Red strawberry jello (or strawberry jam for my non-american perusers)

Green or yellow jello


Tukmaria seeds


This is my favored incorporate for this specially crafted falooda (locally built faluda). Tukmaria seeds are generally called basil seeds, sabja seeds or kasa-kasaa, and they resemble chia seeds. Much like chia seeds, these seeds develop a coagulated covering when consumed water, yet it’s a significantly thicker coat than chia. If you can’t find this fixing, you can incorporate sprinkled chia seeds rather also, or forget about it overall.


Some falooda plans call for multi-concealed jello to be added to the refreshment, anyway I remain with one to make life more straightforward. So strawberry jello is my choice for this falooda equation. I make it with simply HALF the proportion of water, and a short time later let it set and cut into strong shapes. The result is very fruity, and barely tart bits of jello that get sucked up the straw nearby the sweet milkshake when you drink it! I love the distinction it incorporates terms of flavor and surface.

Cooked vermicelli

I wasn’t connected to this as a kid, yet love it now. It’s not the standard white vermicelli you can buy from the store. These are thin noodles that have been stewed, and are yellow in concealing. They can be found in Indian stores.


I don’t for the most part add nuts to this refreshment, anyway that is basically me. Since falooda is a portion of the time served like a treat sundae and milkshake, some want to top it with pistachios. Nonetheless, that is optional.


Genuinely, there’s no off base technique to welcome this milkshake. However, as a kid, seeing an ombre concealed falooda always stimulated me! A significant pink at the base, advancing to white at the top, with a scoop of vanilla dessert, and the basil seeds skimming on top. It was yummy and excellent!

However, here are two unique approaches to layer the fixings to get two unmistakable looks for this treat drink.

First strategy (ombre look)


Incorporate the jello first, trailed by vermicelli, and basil seeds.

Next incorporate milk, and a while later pour in the rose syrup. The rose syrup should sink to the base, making a pink ombre look. Finally, top it with solidified yogurt, and some extra jello. Present with a spoon and a straw. Try to blend the milkshake before drinking.

Second system (for streaks + ombre look)

Incorporate the jello first, trailed by vermicelli and basil seeds.

Seek after with milk, and a while later incorporate the treat.

Finally, pour in the falooda syrup. The syrup will spread in the milk in perspective on the solidified yogurt, making red/pink streaks with an ombre look! Present with a spoon and a straw. Make a point to blend the milkshake before drinking.

The way where you assemble it is ONLY noteworthy if you need the refreshment to look phenomenal when serving. You can just mix the milk + syrup + dessert together to make the milkshake base, and a while later incorporate the fixings a brief timeframe later also.



On the off chance that you’re making this locally developed falooda without any planning for a gathering, and don’t have the chance to pour each drink, by then the mix and serve technique will be the best way to deal with serve it.

Consolidate the falooda + milk to make falooda milk. Give this chill get to the cooler until required.

By then basically void this into glasses, with a scoop of solidified yogurt and serve. The other incorporate ins are optional, so simply incorporate what you need.

Think about how conceivable it is that I DON’T WANT TO USE FOOD COLORING.

Try not to stress over it! You have three options.

Make an effort not to incorporate any concealing.

Make the syrup with some saffron strands, which will make the syrup yellow in concealing. Still comparatively as astounding, and the saffron incorporates another staggering layer of flavor.

Incorporate a few bits of rough beetroot when making the syrup to get the significant pink concealing. The pink shade will be phenomenal, and it will have an earthier taste, anyway it’s basic concealing.


It’s a commonplace, amazingly prepared milkshake that is hard not to worship! 🙂 The generous that you’ve never had, aside from in the event that you lived in or visited South Asia, or your family is starting there. It’s smooth and sweet like a milkshake, with an awesome, organic aroma and flavor, and moreover has tart jello, and chewy vermicelli and basil seeds that have separating surfaces. It’s a liberal cake drink, and perfectly resuscitating for summer too!

You can moreover alter this drink to your taste. Make it less or even more sweet. Incorporate more jello or none using any and all means. Incorporate more treat? Genuinely please! Other than who can contradict a liberal treat that looks so lovely also?

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