Sajjappa Sweet Recipe With Whole Wheat Flour

Howdy accomplices!! Is it genuine that you are all around planned the top level upbeat season? With respect to red hot festivals in India, Navratri is vehemently one of them. This year, Navaratri starts today, October 10 and completes on October 18. Navaratri is perceived over a degree of 9 days in the regard of Goddess Durga and her nine pictures. It is looked for different reasons and celebrated certainly in the country over. There is a substitute Neivedyam or Prasadam offered on each good day. Today, I’m satisfied to show Sojjappalu Stuffed Sweet Poori Recipe as the Prasadam for Day 1 of Navaratri Celebration!!

Snap HERE to locate a couple of arrangements concerning the festival and what’s more get the condition for Rajma Sundal, another Navratri surprising recipe.

Sojjappalu Stuffed Sweet Poori Recipe, is a standard sweet for the most part dealt with festivities and other energetic occasions. It’s basically poori stacked down with a sweet, Semolina Halwa moreover called Rava Kesari emphasizd with cardamom season. Everything considered, one of my favored ways to deal with oversee eat Puris is with Rava Kesari or Sheera. Since a Sojjappam is a blend of the two, I can’t demand more 🙂

Btw… If you are one of those flourishing masses depending upon calories, you can satisfy your needs by on a very basic level looking photographs… … Just kidding!! You can in like manner pick to shallow fry them basically like Bobbatlu/Obbattu, at the same time, trust me, it’s not the proportionate. Choice is yours 🙂

Off to Sojjappalu Stuffed Sweet Poori Recipe!!



Take whole wheat flour in a bowl, unite superfluous salt, 1 Tablespoon oil and mix it well.

By then, unite enough water and control it to a sensitive hitter.

Apply scarcely any drops of oil on the blend, spread and keep the it aside for 30 minutes.

Setting up THE STUFFING:

In the mean time, join water and sugar in a bowl and warmth to the point of permeating.

Join a spot of orange/yellow covering. You can skirt this improvement if you have to abstain from including camouflaging.

At the same time dry dinner semolina (Rava) in a substitute dish until you get a wonderful smell without carmelizing it.

Add the foaming sugar liquid to the stewed rava and blend ceaselessly without trim any varieties from the standard.

Spread with a spread and cook until done on low warmth. This may essentially take 3-4 minutes depending on the grain size of rava.

Solidify cardamom powder and mix well. Disposition executioner the sparkle and let it chill off completely. Clearly, the stuffing is readied.


You can add mumbling sugar syrup to stewed rava or rava to foaming sugar syrup. Either ways works fine, generally affirmation to keep up a basic not too bad ways from projection plan.



When stuffing is chilled off, withdraw into lemon surveyed balls and keep aside.

Opening the blend into round balls.

Take a player ball on your palm and level into a round little puri.

Clearly, place a stuffing ball in within and bring the sides up, spread it up totally and seal edges.

Distinguish the stuffed hitter ball on a lubed plastic paper and press it with fingers or wrinkle it with falling pin into a medium surveyed dainty puri (4-5 sneaks in segment over).

I like to use my finger as I can have better authority over the weight applied while beating in order to not empower the stuffing to flood out of the puri.

In the mean time while preparing rest of the puris, heat oil in a basic skillet over medium warmth.


Right when the oil is hot enough, rot the sparkle maybe, gently slide the stuffed puri unreservedly and basic fry until stunning dull hid on the different sides.

Precisely when the stuffed puri puffs up and gets an astounding shade, remove it from the oil and spot on a paper towel to cripple plenitude oil.

Repeat the framework with the remaining stuffed balls and hitter.

Truly, festivity Neivedyam or Prasadam is readied.

Offer it first to God and after that perceive with your family!!




1 cup Semolina (Sooji)

1 cup or 1/4 cup Sugar (as showed by taste)

3/4 cup Ghee

2 Cardamoms

3 cups Water

1/2 teaspoon Yellow sustenance covering

1/4 teaspoon Kewra substance


2 cup White flour

1/2 cup Whole wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon Salt

1 tablespoon Oil

1/2 cup Yogurt

Chana Bhaji

1/2kg Boiled chick peas

1 Onion cut

1/2 teaspoon Red disease pieces

1/2 teaspoon Crushed coriander

1/2 teaspoon Crushed cumin

1 teaspoon Nigella close by ( kalonji seeds)

Salt to taste

2 tablespoon Curry leaves

2 tablespoon Coriander leaves

5 Green chilies cut

1/4 cup Oil

2 tablespoon White flour

1/2 cup Water

1 tablespoon Tamarind stick



Stage 1

Warmth ghee. Solidify cardamoms and semolina and braise well around for 10 minutes on medium warmth moderate warmth.

Stage 2

In an other pot warmth up the sugar with embodiment, stowing away and sugar. Turn the fire down after one air pocket.

Stage 3

Pour the semolina in this sugary water and spread the spread. Empower it to stew for 5 minutes. Off the stove now and give it some rest with the objective that it settles down.


Stage 1

Mix all the starting late referenced fixings and kneed it with essential new water and structure a blend. Right when the blend is framed put 1 tsp oil over it and spread it nearly on the hitter beginning at now spread it with a contact of material or put it in an impermeable pot and keep it aside for an hour.

Stage 2

Following an hour take out the hitter and make even little wads of it. spread some oil on the counter and move far pories over this smooth surface. Important fry them in hot oil for scarcely a minute. Serve hot

Chana Bhaji

Stage 1

Warmth oil and circuit all the dry fixings red contamination drops , onions , squashed coriander and cumin , kalonji seeds, curry leaves and braise for a minute.

Stage 2

Authentically unite chick peas , tamarind stick, green chillies and cut coriander leaves. Blend them properly. Make a paste of white flour with water and circuit this paste in the sauce too.

Stage 3

Air pocket for 5 minutes and from that point on oust from warmth.

Stage 4

Present with hot pories and halwa.

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