Haleem is a glorious and filling Arabic stew typically made with a social affair of grain or wheat, lentils and meat. It’s an exceptional condition in the Middle East, Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent. It’s particularly famous during the hour of Ramadan. Appreciate how to make superb chicken haleem through my a touch at a time direct with pictures.

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Hiiiii! So I’ve been altogether considering all through the whole advancing stretches of posting an equation for Haleem. Haleem is an excessively prominent moderate cooked stew in the subcontinent (Pakistan and India) yet it truly starts from the Middle East. Hyderabadi haleem is particularly noticeable in the subcontinent.

Haleem is really perplexed and a long technique to make, yet very its completely pushed, paying little regard to all the issue! I sent some haleem close to my cherished one to his office (considering the way that haleem is continually made in colossal totals) and he said it was gone in minutes. Everybody worshiped it! 🙂

Besides, with a few tricks that I will give you today, it’ll be in a general sense less complex. I’ve fused a little piece at a time photos with the objective that it’s undeniably clear for you to search for after the condition.


Haleem is a liberal and heavenly moderate cooked stew which is as frequently as conceivable dependably made with mix of grain, lentils, rice and meat. Expectedly, sheep, sheep or chicken is used as the meat in haleem. The equation that I’m sharing today is Chicken Haleem and is genuinely famous in Pakistan.


Haleem is an extraordinary sound dish since it uses a social event of lentils and meat. It’s a filling dish that is normally eaten with no other individual or can be eaten with naan.



Haleem is generally beaten with a course of action of trimmings, for instance, singed caramelized onions, unfortunately cut ginger, green chillies and cut off coriander. With a pound of lemon juice it will all things considered be in a general sense eaten with a spoon.

In any case, in Pakistan it’s from time to time eaten with naan and it’s delightful.

The best framework to MAKE THE BEST HALEEM RECIPE

In a little while you know me. I’m not the sort that is going to cook a stunned equation for 8 hours. Since real Hyderabadi haleem is consistently cooked for 8 hours on low warmth. Umm, by no means, happening in a house where two kids live lol. This mother ain’t got the perfect open gateway for moderate cooking

So I’ve adjusted the condition so the time is constrained to around 3 hours (1 hour of which merges essentially enchanting the lentils water). I appreciate it’s till unmitigated long, yet very most by far of it just merges blending around and you can glance through Instagram (ahem, I mean game plan with the youths) while the haleem is cooking consistently.


Enter Shan Shahi Haleem mix. It’s a completed pack which goes with the lentils (tallying the grain and wheat) and the flavor mix. The flavor mix in a general sense contains the total of the flavors you requirement for making haleem.

After a short time the proposed condition for Haleem is made on the retreat from the case. I’ve revealed two or three moves up to it regardless.



The lentils mix ought to be sprinkled for around 1-2 hours in water. I in like manner include a lot of each to the lentils mix: rice, yellow split lentils, and red split lentils. This is absolutely optional, so you can basically adhere to the lentils mix that is outfitted with box if that is less inconvenient.

So start by dousing the lentils. The day I have to make haleem, I generally sprinkle the lentils when I wake up, and when I’m done with the morning timetable of breakfast and cleaning up, the lentils are fit to be cooked.

Coming up next is a picture of the lentils mix that has been sprinkled for 2 hours in water. I’ve exhausted the water.



You can use any meat, for instance, burger, sheep or chicken. I reinforce chicken with the objective that is the thing that I used. It equivalently cooks snappier. If you use cheeseburger or sheep, the cooking time will change and be conventionally longer than it takes with chicken.

Start by methods for expending expel onions right of oil, until they’re a light magnificent dull conditioned.

By then circuit boneless chicken pieces and cook for a couple of moments until they start to change masking.

Merge HALF of the style mix (from the Shan Shahi Haleem pack) and cook the chicken for around 5-7 minutes until the oil separates.

By then merge the tomatoes and a dash of water. Lower the radiance and spread the pot. Cook for around 15 minutes or something like that, until the tomatoes have relieved and cooked through.

Move the chicken masala from the pot to a bowl, and put in an ensured spot.


In the end, in a close to pot, join the splashed lentils (without the water wherein they were drenched) and 12 cups of water, and the rest of the Shan Shahi Haleem style mix.

Cook for around 1 hour on medium high warmth. Keep blending ordinarily or close. The lentils and scarcely are readied when they’re cooked through.

Precisely when the lentils and hardly have cooked totally, join the chicken masala.


The last advance is to blend the haleem. Truly haleem ought to be completely blended into a smooth paste, it ought to have some surface.

You can either use a blender or a hand blender. I used a hand blender since it’s inexorably immediate.

On the off chance that you’re using a blender, guarantee that the haleem is chilled off a piece before blending it. In this way, if using a blender, you should blend the haleem in gatherings. Only a couple of beats of blending for each pack of haleem is adequate.


The caramelized onions are an immediate fixing to make, and you commonly never will find haleem served without these firm seared onions. They’re exceptionally my favored bit of haleem! 😛

It’s unquestionably not hard to make caramelized onions. Essentially fry daintily cut onions in a bit of oil (keeping the sparkle medium) and keep mixing until a basic astonishing weak concealed.

It’s epic not to leave the stove while doing this, since onions go from mind blowing to gigantic darker to utilized really enthusiastic. So leave the instagram searching for later. HAHA.

Moreover, to ensure in any occasion, singing, you need to keep blending it after at run of the mill between times or close.

Precisely when the caramelized onions are burned, spread them on kitchen paper to sprinkle the plenitude oil.

In a little while top the haleem with caramelized onions, ginger, coriander and chillies and a pound of lemon juice. In addition, appreciate!


Haleem is always made in enormous gatherings and this condition furthermore makes an immense pot. So it’s critical to perceive how to store it. Moreover, haleem is one of those tasty plans which become a great deal of logically mind boggling over a couple of days after it’s been cooked.

Haleem can be managed in the refrigerator for unto 3 days in an impermeable compartment.

If you have to store haleem more cleared than 3 days, by then it will when all is said in done be set as long as multi month in an invulnerable holder.

Definitely when sorted out to eat the haleem, fundamentally let it defrost at room temperature or carefully defrost it in the microwave. When defrosted, it will generally speaking be warmed in a pot on the stove.

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Haleem is an unquestionable delicacy of Hyderabadi cooking and has its major foundations in the Middle East what’s more. It is a liberal sheep condition and is set up during Ramadan and is delighted in by a few people while breaking the quick. You may consider this dish another chicken delicacy that has a sauce in it, notwithstanding, it’s by no means whatsoever, decisively equivalent to the standard chicken plans. This dish is to a dynamically recognizable degree a porridge or stew, and has a shocking flavor that starts from the ghee used to set up this dish. Various people expect that Hyderabad is prestigious for its biryani, regardless, haleem is another strong point for which people need a lot. A few people even say that the iftar eating up establishment is apportioned without Hyderabadi Haleem. With the degree of ghee used to set up this dish, you may feel it’s sickening and can’t be regarded. It is totally strong and has more protein than you can ever imagine. To set up this delicacy, all you need is: Boneless sheep, yogurt, broken wheat or dalia, cashews, urad and chana dal close to tomato, onion and a melange of flavors. The standard framework for cooking merges a few hours i.e., it is prepared using moderate cooking system. You can similarly consider this delicacy as a one-pot feast as it has everything that you need. Ideal for family dinners, you can in like way regard this mouth-watering sheep recipe on occasions like buffet and potluck. Make the fundamental strides not to remain by more and endeavor this haleem condition at home and perceive with your loved ones. Honesty:

Sections of Hyderabadi Haleem

1 kilograms sheep

2 teaspoon ginger stick

1 cup urad dal

1 teaspoon red

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